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Launching a WordPress Website on Your Synology NAS

Launching a WordPress Website on Your Synology NAS

Synology Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices are extremely versatile. Not only do they support all of your typical network storage services such as SMB and NFS, but you can also install one or more packages to extend the functionality. These add-ons inclue DHCP,...

Five Free WordPress Plugins To Power Your Website

Five Free WordPress Plugins To Power Your Website

There are thousands of free WordPress plugins, so how do you choose which ones to use? Not every plugin is created equal. And like all software, they sometimes come with bugs - and even sometimes unintentionally introduce security vulnerabilities. Additionally, each...

Tuning your WordPress website for better performance

Tuning your WordPress website for better performance

According to, websites should load in 4 seconds or less for optimal conversions. And according to Google, a website's bounce rate will increase over 30% if a pageload takes 3 seconds instead of 1 second. So for these reasons and more, it is imperative that...

Create Your New Website Using WordPress

A Content Management System (CMS) is software that makes it easy for website owners to update their websites. WordPress is one such CMS. And it powers over 30% of the websites on the internet today. In this blog post, I will introduce it, and will make some...

Fixing a Compromised WordPress Website

Like any content management system, WordPress is not immune to security vulnerabilities. The best way to recover from a WordPress compromise is to restore from a known good backup. You should always maintain proper backups (don't rely on a data sync, for example). But...

Building a Website

Introduction There are millions of websites on the web today, and the majority of Americans and residents of other developed countries use the internet to find information they need. The IT infrastructure is also slowly being improved upon in developing countries. As...

Why Choose Barred Owl Web?

The Barred Owl Web team is technically proficient, extremely responsive and provides a high level of customer satisfaction.  We highly recommend Barred Owl Web for web development, technical, and customer support.
– Enrique Fiallo, Director of Technology, NET Institute

Barred Owl Web is the hosting company to call first for nonprofits. Their solutions-oriented, customer – and client – focused approach to web hosting provides agencies the ability to consistently and reliably get their messages out to those who need to hear it. You can count on Barred Owl Web to be responsive to the unique needs of your agency. Barred Owl Web’s customer service is exceptional, and it is kind. Contact them and see for yourself!
Rebecca Whelchel, Executive Director, Metropolitan Ministries (MetMin)

Barred Owl Web has always been responsive to our needs as a small nonprofit. They have helped us immensely with issues like Web server security updates and PCI compliance.
Evan Donovan, Web Developer, Tech Mission

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