Website & Hosting Services

Managed WordPress

 If you need to launch your website, our managed WordPress is best for you. With our most popular web hosting package, we’ll secure your WordPress website and regularly update it. We’ll also install an SEO plugin for you to help you reach your audience.

Server Colocation

We’ll provide the same High Availability network connectivity and redundant power that runs the rest of our web hosting platform in a HIPAA compliant data center (located in Chattanooga, Tennessee). A static IP address & private VLAN is included.

Managed VPS

If you need better performance and security, our managed VPS is best for you. Moving your website to one of our Managed Virtual Private Servers gives you access to off-site backups, and your server can be PCI Compliant if necessary.

Shared Web Hosting

If you need to get started with your website security, our web hosting is best for you. Our shared web hosting platform, located in a HIPAA compliant data center in Tennessee, is powered by cPanel. We monitor all servers 24/7 and backup your files & databases every day.

Domain Registration

If you need a custom domain, our domain registration is best for you. Every website starts with a domain name; your domain is your brand. It should be short and easy to remember. We’ll register your domain for you, and make sure it works, so that you can get on with running your website.

Email Hosting

If you need custom email addresses, our email hosting is best for you. It’s perfect for giving your business a more unified feeling and keeping your employees and business safer by protecting personal contact information and keeping track of all business communications.


VPN Hosting

If you need to secure your connection to the internet, our VPN hosting is best for you. Virtual Private Networks greatly enhance your overwall security when you are working from an untrusted network – such as from public WiFi in an airport or a restaurant.

Linux Server Support

If you need software installation, our Linux server support is best for you. We provide configuration and support for any Linux System including Red Hat, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, or other Linux distributions.

Website Updates

If you need help keeping your website updated, our website updates are best for you. We will make sure your website stays running smoothly and efficiently.

Synology Backup

If you need secure backups, our Synology Backup is best for you. We use Synology HyperBackup to securely backup your NAS to our offsite location connected to the internet with a 1Gbps symmetrical link. Access your backups 24/7 over the web via the familiar Synology DSM interface.

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