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Five Free WordPress Plugins To Power Your Website

Five Free WordPress Plugins To Power Your Website

There are thousands of free WordPress plugins, so how do you choose which ones to use? Not every plugin is created equal. And like all software, they sometimes come with bugs - and even sometimes unintentionally introduce security vulnerabilities. Additionally, each...

PCI Compliance: What, When Why and How?

Introduction Keeping your website secure is a crucial part of maintaining its overall health and reputation. Cybersecurity includes three things: Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability. If your website cannot keep your visitors' data safe, it isn't secure...

Security Changes Coming to a Website Near You

Websites, web servers, web browsers, and other software should be kept updated. Vendors such as Microsoft, Google, and Red Hat constantly release updates for their software. In this blog post, I’m going to discuss a few changes that might affect you. ADOBE FLASH END...

Fixing a Compromised WordPress Website

Like any content management system, WordPress is not immune to security vulnerabilities. The best way to recover from a WordPress compromise is to restore from a known good backup. You should always maintain proper backups (don't rely on a data sync, for example). But...

Why Your Website Needs TLS (SSL)

In a blog post from 2013, I wrote about some ways to secure your website. A lot has changed since then and today, having a secure website with a TLS connection should be standard. In this blog post, I briefly explain what TLS / SSL is, and why every website owner...

Fighting Spam: Block entire (T)TLD with Postfix

A Top-Level Domain (TLD) is at the highest level of the Domain Name System (DNS) structure. The domain .com is a TLD. So is .org, .net, and .biz. I've presented on DNS (and BIND) - you can click the link to view my PDF slides (and you can view a listing of all of my...

Why You Should Backup Your Website

One of the services we provide is web hosting, and often times, we work with clients whose websites are hosted elsewhere that want to move their website to Barred Owl Web infrastructure. Most of the time, moving a website off of one hosting platform onto Barred Owl...

Why Big Websites Fail and What Nonprofits Can Do About It

Yesterday,, arguably one of the world's most popular websites, went down for a period of time. There are no indications (yet) that other websites were affected. As many network engineers know, Amazon maintains massive data centers around the world in order...

Securing your Website

A trusted website such as your nonprofit's is the last place from which you'd expect visitors to get a virus. After all, it’s your website, and your organization built it (or relied on a volunteer to build it or paid a trusted individual or firm to build it). Why...

Why Choose Barred Owl Web?

The Barred Owl Web team is technically proficient, extremely responsive and provides a high level of customer satisfaction.  We highly recommend Barred Owl Web for web development, technical, and customer support.
– Enrique Fiallo, Director of Technology, NET Institute

Barred Owl Web is the hosting company to call first for nonprofits. Their solutions-oriented, customer – and client – focused approach to web hosting provides agencies the ability to consistently and reliably get their messages out to those who need to hear it. You can count on Barred Owl Web to be responsive to the unique needs of your agency. Barred Owl Web’s customer service is exceptional, and it is kind. Contact them and see for yourself!
Rebecca Whelchel, Executive Director, Metropolitan Ministries (MetMin)

Barred Owl Web has always been responsive to our needs as a small nonprofit. They have helped us immensely with issues like Web server security updates and PCI compliance.
Evan Donovan, Web Developer, Tech Mission

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