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Oct 20, 2018 | News, Web Hosting

Company News

Last year, I announced that I shifted our business model to only provide remote services such as website hosting, WordPress website maintenance and web server administration. This transition has been a success, and our Web Hosting business continues to grow.

Here are a few highlights:

  • We’ve increased disk space for all of our shared hosting accounts. At least 2GB for website disk space, and 2GB for email address disk space, is available for every client!
  • We’ve added new contractors to our team. I now have 3 server administrators who have full access to our infrastructure. They are ready to assist you in case you ever need technical support with your website.
  • Additionally, we now have at least 3 WordPress developers available to help you upgrade and improve your WordPress website.

Who are some of our clients?
We currently serve several Chattanooga-based companies, such as Tranco Logistics, Carter HVAC, law firms including my brother, Daniel White, and several well-known nonprofits, including Tivoli, Chattanooga Room In the Inn, and Bethel Bible Village.

We also work with a marketing firm in Virginia by hosting several of their clients’ websites, we host websites for several other businesses & nonprofit organizations around the United States, and we even work with a few organizations who have an international presence.

Help us help you…

Need technical support with your website? Existing clients can email support@barredowlweb.com anytime to request help with your website or web hosting account. You can view the status of your ticket, and also open a ticket online, at https://support.barredowlweb.com.

When opening a support ticket, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Include your website address (URL), even if you think we have it
  • Send your email from an email address that we have on file
  • Be as specific as possible
  • If your question pertains to a specific page on your website, include that specific URL.
    • The following would be a more helpful approach:
      “We have a question for https://example.com/about”
    • The following would be a less helpful approach:
      “We have a question for our about page”

Refer a new client and get free hosting!

If you are an existing client, and you refer a new client to us, we will give you 1 month of web hosting for free.


Why Choose Barred Owl Web?

The Barred Owl Web team is technically proficient, extremely responsive and provides a high level of customer satisfaction.  We highly recommend Barred Owl Web for web development, technical, and customer support.
– Enrique Fiallo, Director of Technology, NET Institute

Barred Owl Web is the hosting company to call first for nonprofits. Their solutions-oriented, customer – and client – focused approach to web hosting provides agencies the ability to consistently and reliably get their messages out to those who need to hear it. You can count on Barred Owl Web to be responsive to the unique needs of your agency. Barred Owl Web’s customer service is exceptional, and it is kind. Contact them and see for yourself!
Rebecca Whelchel, Executive Director, Metropolitan Ministries (MetMin)

Barred Owl Web has always been responsive to our needs as a small nonprofit. They have helped us immensely with issues like Web server security updates and PCI compliance.
Evan Donovan, Web Developer, Tech Mission

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